I was born in Syracuse in 1967. I began as a portrait photographer for theater companies.

Since 1995 I worked on CACTUS, themed limited-edition magazine, whose contents vary in the visual arts, from photography to painting to comics. In 1997 I worked with director Sonia Gazzera for the photographic documentation of her theatrical works "Fuochi d’Ortigia". In 2002 I exhibited at the Galleria Civica d'Arte Contemporanea Montevergini of Syracuse, on the occasion of the exhibition "Creatività in Sicilia", sponsored by the Regional Department for Cultural Heritage. I collaborated as a photographer for the collective interior of interior designers "Strane Sfere", in Catania.

I was in numerous group exhibitions, including "CACTUS artzine" at the cultural center Majazé, Catania, and "Mediazioni" at the gallery I-mago, in Rome. In 2007, I won first prize in the art contest "I Have a Dream", organized by Tribe Art.

In 2008 I was selected for the exhibition about “artists and new media”, in the Civic Gallery of Modern Art, Spoleto. Then some of my works were published in “New Media Design. Le nuove frontiere dell’arte”, printed by Sometti Editore. In 2012, my project “In Corpore” was selected for exhibition at Farm Cultural Park (www.farm-culturalpark.com).

In 2013 I was invited, as a guest artist, to the Occhi Rossi Festival, in Rome.

In 2014, my personal exhibition in the well known Palazzo Ducezio, in Noto, had the patronage of UNESCO.

In July 2016 my works are selected for the exhibition in the Contemporary Art Gallery of Regione Sicilia, with text and catalogue by curator Francesco Piazza. 

My works were published in the following magazines: "Pan", "Cactus", "Eroded" issue 18(www.555design.org) Geniabox, "Tribe magazine (www.tribenet.it)," Orca "issue 3 ( www.televisionkillsme.org / orca), "BAK" issue 9 (www.bakdergisi.com).

Catalogue: "Contemporary art.", Promo Med. "New media design. The new frontiers of art.", Sometti publisher. www.sometti.it 


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2017: Sensorium. Palazzo Raeli, Siracusa.

2013: Trasformatorio. Montalbano Elicona.

2013: Occhi Rossi Festival. Roma.

2012: Railroad Market. Farm Cultural Park. Favara.

2012: Chiamata alle Arti. Galleria Montevergini. Siracusa.

2011: Meeting L’Arsenale. Atelier Nuovo Montevergini. Palermo.

2008: Fucina Off, Galleria Civica di arte moderna, Spoleto.

2008: Umani, oltreumani. Politica della deformazione. Milano.

2007: Contemporary art. Palazzo Impellizzeri, Siracusa.

2007: I have a dream. Libreria Cavallotto, Catania.

2003: Cactus artzine. Centro culturale Majazè, Catania.

2000: Creatività in Sicilia. Galleria Civica arte contemporanea, Siracusa.




2016: Prima Materia. SAC Contemporanea. Siracusa.

2015: In Corpore. KINA Lab. Catania.

2014: In Corpore. Palazzo Ducezio. Noto.

2014: Ritratti. Galleria Claudio Fayer. Siracusa

2007: Kynesis, Polo Museale della Provincia di Siracusa.

2002: Ritratti, Chiesa dei Cavalieri di Malta, Siracusa.

1998: Teatro e Danza, Galleria ArteNova, Palermo.